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 * Calcoo: cpu.h
 * Copyright (C) 2001,2002 Alexei Kaminski

#ifndef CPU_H
#define CPU_H

#include "basic.h"
#include "displays.h"


typedef struct tse {
      double z;
      int op;
      int number_of_parens ;
      struct tse *next;
} t_stack_element;

/* Attention! This structures are being copied during pushing and popping
 * of the undo stack. All changes in the strucure t_calcoo_cpu must be
 * accompanied by proper modifications of copy_cpu() function in cpu_undo.c.
 * Also all substructures of t_calcoo_cpu that need to be malloc'ed must
 * be also malloc'ed in init_undo_stack() in cpu_undo.c 
 * Also don't forget cpu initalization in c_main.c! */
typedef struct tcd {
      int input_field, sign, exp_sign;
      int int_field[INPUT_LENGTH];
      int frac_field[INPUT_LENGTH]; 
      int exp_field[EXP_INPUT_LENGTH];
      int n_int,n_frac;
      int format;
      int display_overflow;
} t_cpu_display ;

typedef struct tcod {
      int op_code;
      int show_brace;
} t_cpu_operation_display ;

typedef struct t_c_s {
      double x, y, z, t, mem[NUMBER_OF_MEMS];
      int    op, number_of_parens;
      t_stack_element *stack_head;
      t_cpu_display *d, *mem_d[NUMBER_OF_MEMS], 
      t_cpu_operation_display *op_d[NUMBER_OF_REG_DISPLAYS];
      int    last_action;
      double precision;
      int    x_overflow;
      int    prescribed_format;
      int    rounding;
      int    trunc_zeros;
      int    digits_to_keep;
      int    curr_mem;
      int    error;

      /* the following are set by the loaded options and need not to be 
       * initialized or saved in undo */
      int    rpn_mode, enter_mode, stack_mode, angle_units;
      /* arc_ and hyp_autorelease state is stored in the body, see body.h */
} t_calcoo_cpu ;

extern t_calcoo_cpu *cpu;
/* the variable cpu itself is defined in c_main.c */

#endif /* CPU_H */


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